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(EDGE) Could a gay kiss have saved 'The Legend of Tarzan' at box office? We'll never know!

The Mirror reports a kiss between Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård) and another character was cut from the final edit of the new film because test audiences were "perplexed" by the tender moment, director David Yates said.

In the film, the Christoph Waltz's character, Captain Leon Rom, a ruthless Belgian solider, apparently locked lips with Tarzan but Yates decided to nix the scene. The Mirror notes, however, Tarzan and Rom appear close throughout the film and the kiss takes place when Tarzan is unconscious.

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"We pared it back because it was almost too much. It was this really odd, odd moment when Christoph kisses him," Yates told the British newspaper the Times. "We loved it at the time. But early test audiences were perplexed by it and in the end it just felt too clever and overworked."

After the kiss, Rom allegedly told Jane, Tarzan's love interest, that about the moment, saying, "Your husband's wildness disturbs me more than I can even express."

"The Legend of Tarzan" hit theaters earlier this month and earned $135.4 million. It's budget was $180 million.