Michael Lucas has never shied from controversy. Whether as the preeminent gay-­‐porn auteur of his generation or as an independent-­‐minded social commentator and op-­ed columnist, Lucas has built a career out of breaking taboos.

In his new documentary, "Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda," Michael Lucas teams with director Scott Stern to shine a light on Russia's homophobic state of affairs and law against "gay propaganda." As most of the world moves forward toward gay equality, Russia is seemingly heading backward. Antigay sentiment and legislation are spreading rapidly throughout the country and there are ominous signs of much worse to come. Violent attacks against Russian gays are more and more common. Videos of young LGBT people being taunted and tortured have been widely distributed on the Internet. Nearly any public discussion of gay equality is a crime.

"Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda" is a compelling call to arms featuring sobering accounts from LGBT Russians and their families and terrifying facts about the Kremlin's long-­ term, intensifying atmosphere of hate.

Michael Lucas believes the Russian government is looking for a new enemy to distract its people from real problems like corruption and unemployment. "The scapegoats used to be the Jews," he says, "but most of them left after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And so the Russians have moved on to the LGBT community, which coincides well with Putin's cynical campaign of Russian nationalism.

According to this line of attack, homosexuality is a sign of Western decadence. "And therefore an enemy of traditional Russian values," Lucas adds.

"Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda" is currently playing at film festivals throughout the world. The DVD is also available for purchase on Amazon.com.

"Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda"

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