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For more than 20 years, South Florida has been a hot spot for the adult movie industry, and Howard Andrew has been at the forefront.

As the business evolved from VHS to DVD to streaming, and from major studios to self-produced content, Andrew has served as the industry’s North Star.

Now, he has received the ultimate recognition, being inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame.

“I honestly sat there in shock, not knowing how to react,” Andrew said about the moment he found out he would be inducted. “Unexpected, but beyond thrilled.”

He founded and continues to run FabScout Entertainment, which has placed more than 7,500 models with dozens of studios and producers over the years. In his acceptance speech at the ceremony, he thanked the models who’ve passed through his doors, as well as his parents for their support over the years.

A Chance Encounter

Andrew didn’t set out to make a national name for himself. He was managing Cupids in Miami when he was approached by someone who was already an industry legend.

“Dirk Yates came in and said he wanted to hire a dancer for a movie. Who knew the next 20 years would be that?” No one, especially Andrews, had any idea what the future held.

It all began at home.

“We started out in the guest room of my old house, my ex-partner, Gio Caruso, and I, creating and building and tossing ideas around. With Dirk Yates as my first booking, then through a mutual friend I met John Bruno from Massive Studios and began booking guys with him.”

He launched the careers of countless stars. His model roster was filled with beginners to the industry who would quickly become all-stars.

His behind-the-scenes talent was also filled with rock stars.

“After two years I hired an assistant Matt Lock. He ended up being my business partner for 16 years. Many changes since then. Matthew Rush working in the office for a while. Misty Eyez, in the office for a while. And of course Steven Ponce, starting as a model, moving to a production assistant, to production manager, and now promoted to office manager. Sixteen years with him has been awesome. It's been a fun road.”

Another person who’s been with him since the beginning is another industry staple, Caruso. They were personally, as well as professionally involved for 18 years. Many long-term relationships end bitterly, but that’s the exact opposite for Andrew and Caruso.

“Many good years but like a lot of couples, things change. I am truly blessed to call him truly my soulmate and best friend. Our nicknames for 30 years of ‘The Bickersons’ still stand [daily]. He and his husband are amazing friends, family and parts of my life.”

An Agent & A Friend

Many of the models that come to him are just starting out in the industry and are young and inexperienced. Not only inexperienced working on a set but also in life. For many, Andrew is one of the most stable figures in their lives. That’s led to some strange encounters … and phone calls.

“My least favorite phone call, ‘Hi, you are receiving a collect call from an inmate in a correctional facility.’ Really you get one call and I am that call.”

Often they turn to him when they feel they have no one else, and show up at his home at all hours. He’s also met their families under what most people would call unusual circumstances.

“A wife and kid waiting in the car while Dad is getting banged in the studio.”

While they come together to work and for help, they also come together to celebrate. “[During] the holidays, my house was for years known as the home for wayward porn stars. The guys with no families, the sex workers with nowhere to go on all the holidays, the chosen family that we have created. I am still friends with models that I had 15 years ago. That’s the true blessing.”

Future of the Industry

Adult entertainment seems to undergo tidal shifts every few years as technology evolves. Andrew said the past two years have been hard, especially with the burgeoning self-produced content trend (think Only Fans or Just For Fans). But he believes the past may come back into vogue.

“I think there will always be studio porn and fan content, but the selection may change. I believe there will be a point when people don’t like the fast and easy homemade stuff and want to go back to storyline-based porn, and themes. But who knows? My crystal ball isn’t working today.”

One thing that won’t change is his visibility in the industry. That means working with the community and the models of tomorrow.

“I am constantly recruiting and doing events around the country. I also immerse myself in charity events to keep my face out there and my head in the right space.”