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The term “transgender” didn’t use to be as popular as it is today.

However, these days more and more public figures are speaking out about their experiences with gender identity. But some transgender celebrities haven’t been in the spotlight quite as much and have had a significant impact on the LGBT community. Below, we have outlined ten transgender celebrities who you might not have known are transgender.

The Wachowski Sisters

Best known for writing and directing “The Matrix” films, Lana and Lilly Wachowski came out as transgender women in 2010 and 2016, respectively.  Since the release of “The Matrix,” these films have been pointed out for containing trans allegories and have continued to be more inclusive in their movies and shows, especially in their Netflix show “Sense 8,” which includes LGBT characters.

Teddy Geiger

Teddy Geiger became one of the most influential people in the music industry who also happens to be openly trans. Geiger began her transition in 2017 and has since worked with some of the world’s most prominent artists, including Shawn Mendes, Maroon 5, and One Direction. In 2019, she received a Grammy nomination for co-writing Mendes’ song “In My Blood.” Geiger has also dabbled in the acting field in her supporting role in “The Rocker.”

Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace is a punk rock star who is the founder, lead singer, and guitarist of her band Against Me! Grace is one of the few openly transgender punk rock artists in the industry after coming out in the latter half of her band’s career. Against Me! independently released an album entitled “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” in 2014 to reflect on her identity.

Daniel M. Lavery

Before his transition in 2018, Lavery was included in the 2015 Forbes “30 Under 30” list in the media category and took over Slate’s “Dear Prudence” advice column from Emily Yoffe. Lavery is the most followed transgender scholar in the world on social media, which includes Twitter and Instagram. He has also written several best-selling books, including “Texts From Jane Eyre” and “The Merry Spinster.”

Nat Puff

Better known by the stage name Left at London, Nat Puff is a singer-songwriter and an internet personality. She is best known for some of her viral Vines and singing parodies of musicians and comedians. She is also a popular musician in her own right, such as her album “Transgender Street Legend.”

Elliot Fletcher

Best known for his recurring guest role as Aaron in “The Fosters” and Trevor in Showtime’s “Shameless,” Elliot Fletcher came out as transgender shortly after his 17th birthday. In 2017, Fletcher was a part of a filmed letter sent to Hollywood written by Jen Richards asking for more and improved roles for transgender people.

Brian Michael Smith

Brian Michael Smith is an entertainment industry veteran and appeared in the well-acclaimed drama series “Queen Sugar.” Smith’s role resonated with many trans-masculine people of color who continue to fight for increased visibility. He has since appeared on various panels through GLAAD, OutFest, and NYCPride, where he discussed the importance of trans portrayal on-screen.

Amiyah Scott

After her rise on social media, Amiyah Scott caught the attention of Lee Daniels, who asked her to audition for his show “Star.” This role made Scott the first trans woman with a regular role on a major network television series.

Caroline Cossey

Caroline Cossey began her transition at 17 years old and underwent gender confirmation surgery in 1974. Cossey was a Playboy pinup, model, and Bond Girl, starring in the 1981 James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only.”  She was also the first transgender woman to appear in Playboy in 1991.