Today is World Aids Day and this year there is an anthem that everyone can sing along to when celebrating the holiday.

“Your Cure,” by composer Adam J. Rineer lifts up individuals that are HIV positive and highlights the love shared between a HIV positive and HIV negative partnership.

“You got me to hold your hand. You’ve got me to listen and try to understand. You’ve got me to catch you when you think that you won’t land. That’s what my love is for. My love will be your cure,” the lyrics say in its chorus.

The original song was first introduced to the public during season two of the webseries “Merce.” The musical-comedy show tells a love story of the main character Merce, who is HIV positive, and his HIV negative boyfriend.

During an episode for the upcoming season the couple has a conversation of what a cure would do to their life. Merce’s boyfriend, who is very supportive of Merce’s treatment regimen, comes to the conclusion that his love will be the temporary cure; cueing Rineer’s moving song in a scene sung by the entire cast.

The show depicts the culture that exists for positive-negative couples worldwide, such as showing what it means to be on PrEP and to be undetectable.

The song was released today as a promotional clip for the webseries’ upcoming season. Celebrate World AIDS Day and listen to the song here.