You can tell that Will Spencer, Vice President of Kids in Distress, really has a passion for what he does. As he described what the organization does as well as his various duties, I heard the smile in his voice.

“I personally enjoy the fundraising part and meeting people and connecting donors with people…the paperwork part isn’t much fun to me, but it has to get done,” Spencer said with a laugh.

Since 1979, Kids in Distress strives to help provide safe and loving homes for children. Anything outside of the medical range that kids and their family’s need is provided, including a preschool and dental services. There is also a prevention program to keep harmful parents and caretakers out of system.

In addition, Kids in Distress is Wilton Manors’ largest private employer with nearly one-third of successful foster parents as same sex couples.

“I think it’s really cool that the same sex couples are treated the same and expected to achieve the same standards of requirements as others – a safe loving home for a child,” Spencer said.

Spencer would have been worthy of a place in this OUT50 with just his work above but he’s done so much more and has been active in the community for many years. He’s also involved with the Children’s Diagnostic Treatment Center (CDTC), Camp 4 Help, Dublin School and more.

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