On Saturday, January 17 in Miami Beach, Walgreens will host the art exhibit and event, "Well Beyond HIV," celebrating the lives of older adults well beyond their HIV diagnosis. The traveling art exhibit is curated in collaboration with "The Graying of AIDS.”

Walgreens launched the national campaign to open dialogue, eradicate stigmas and amplify the voices, faces and stories of those over 50 living with HIV. The centerpiece of this search is the art exhibition, which will travel to various cities after its first stop in Miami this January. The mobile art exhibit gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of older adults living with HIV in hopes of increasing awareness and understanding about their lives and the support systems that help them live well.

They launched the campaign because by 2015, half of adults living with HIV in the U.S. will be 50 years old or older. Left unaddressed, older adults with HIV may lack the support needed to manage HIV and other chronic conditions commonly associated with aging.

As the population of older Americans living with HIV/AIDS grows, the daily realities, challenges and successes of their lives remain unrecognized and ignored. Through sharing their difficulties, battles and triumphs through captivating portraits and insightful testimonials, The Well Beyond HIV campaign allows audiences to experience real-life stories of inspirational Americans aging with HIV.

Recognizing the unique care and support requirements of those aging with HIV, Walgreens launched this national campaign to increase awareness of the specific needs and challenges that those living with HIV face as they age and helping those aging with HIV to get, stay and live well.

Walgreens' goal is to be a part of the solution to end AIDS. By launching this new national HIV campaign, Walgreens hopes to draw attention to the growing number of people aged 50 and older in the United States who are living with HIV.

Through more than 800 Walgreens HIV-specialized pharmacies throughout the country, more than 2,000 HIV-trained pharmacists are leading consumer education and testing programs, helping patients access financial support programs and providing confidential, face-to-face medication therapy consultations and health and wellness guidance to people living and aging with HIV.

When it comes to engaging with a retail pharmacy, HIV patients of all ages need to feel they are in a safe, knowledgeable, environment where they can get the emotional, physical, social and financial support they need. Support is very important to this aging HIV population as they often experience social isolation resulting from having a lack of resources and the double stigma of older age (ageism) and an HIV-positive status.

Walgreens launched this exhibit in tandem with "The Graying of AIDS," an independent collaborative documentary project and educational campaign created by Katja Heinemann, a visual journalist, and Naomi Schegloff, a health educator. They are the creative team photographing portraits for this art exhibition.

The Graying of AIDS has worked with various national research, education and advocacy nonprofits, including ACRIA, whose groundbreaking ROAH study chronicled HIV/AIDS during the 25th anniversary year of the epidemic. Heinemann initially produced it for Time Magazine in 2006, as both a photo and a multimedia essay to draw attention to the aging demographics of people living with the virus in the U.S..

"Well Beyond HIV" will be held from 4-6 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 17 at Miami Beach EDITION Hotel, 2901 Collins Ave. in Miami Beach, FL, 33140. For more information or to RSVP (required), visit https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HPoW3qVs836bmoeDZ5rvFS57JTk6HKt20Ym7ZHj3_sw/viewform

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