The past few years have been a rollercoaster for the trans community. 

When I came out in late January, 2014, I had no idea that it was on the cusp of one of the most rapid changes that the trans movement has ever faced. Suddenly “transgender” was a buzzword, and as someone who was newly out and proud, I was thrown in the middle of it. 

Shortly after me, several major celebrities came out as trans. As President Obama and the Supreme Court ruled on trans inclusivity, more parents began to rally for their trans youth — something I never could have imagined as a closeted 10-year-old. 

For a brief glorious moment, it felt as though the trans community was finally on the road to acceptance. 

How quickly that changed. 

Lately we have found ourselves targeted everywhere from the military all the way to public bathrooms in an attempt to scare us away from public spaces. 

We’ve seen trans immigrants and refugees blocked from our country, while trans people of color and disabled trans people have felt the greatest brunt of our current administration. 

Our community still has a long treacherous journey before we’re rolling in pink roses beneath blue skies. 

But for all we hear about trans people in the news, how much do we hear about the lives we actually live? Despite having become a voice for an entire community, I can remember the struggle I faced to find real answers for my own journey. 

That’s what this issue is for. 

Whether you’re young, questioning, old, queer, gender fluid, learning how to do lipstick or figuring out that new tie, wondering what hormones may have to offer or just hoping to connect with others in the community, our hope is that this guide will help answer some of the questions in your mind. 

And if you’re cisgender (that is, happy with how you were assigned at birth), I urge you to use this section to learn about the issues that the T in LGBT still faces. 

SFGN proudly unveiled the first Transgender Special Edition in April of 2017. This time around though, we’re shaking it up. In this issue you will find our award-winning graphic board game “Chutes and Ladders: Transition Edition” is there to allow you a real glimpse into the chaos involved with transitioning. For each hurdle passed, you’ll find at least one story to give you a much deeper glimpse into the experience of transitioning.  

I’ll be honest, it’s not nearly as fun or as easy as Uncle Chad might have you believe... it is, however, worth it. 

So whether you’re trans or questioning and in need of some direction on your own journey (for as unique as it’s bound to be!) or you’re an ally who’s eager to be more informed, you’re sure to find something of interest within this section. 

“Transgender” isn’t a buzzword… it’s a journey, and I’m honored to bring you SFGN’s second special section entirely dedicated to such. 

Without further ado, welcome to SFGN’s second transgender special edition. 

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