From one gay networking app to another: Enough is enough.

In a new online ad, Jack’d calls out Grindr for allowing racism to remain prevalent on its app. Jack’d, on the other hand, wants to be a part of “the generation that ends racism.”

Currently on Grindr, it’s permitted to post things such as “no blacks,” “no Asians” and more. The Jack’d ad compares it to “living in the 1960s.”

“Thirty-seven percent of Americans identify as Black, Hispanic, Latino, or Asian,” the ad claimed. “You see these guys on Jack’d. Do you see them on Grindr? What’s up with that?”

The Advocate reached out to Grindr in response. Grindr Vice President of Marketing Peter Sloterdyk denied the accusations and claimed they were not the only app with these problems.

“Sexual racism is a larger problem within our community and impacts all dating apps, not just Grindr,” he said. “[Grindr does] prohibit the use of offensive or racist language and encourage our community to report offending profiles through our app’s built-in system.”

But last December, Grindr Founder and CEO Joel Simkhai took a much different position. He told Broadly: “To say, ‘I’m only into black guys’ — is that a bad thing? I think we should allow you to say that, because that’s your preference.”

Jack’d Director of Global Marketing acknowledged that the problem went well beyond just Grindr, but does believe the app can do more to push back against racism.

“Whether we like it or not, [Grindr] is the leader in the gay dating app space and they set a tone for the rest of the gay community,” he said. “Grindr has been highlighted in the press repeatedly as being racist and only profiling men who fit one standard of beauty. It is not that we are signaling them out, we are just reiterating what the public is writing and experiencing.”

Watch the ad below.