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Victoria Sigler is a judge of the Miami-Dade County Circuit court. Sigler became the first “out” political figure to win office in Florida with her campaign for County Court Judge in 1994. She was most recently re-elected without opposition last year – her current six-year term expires in January 2021. And her accomplishments don’t end there.

Early in her legal career, Sigler made her way to the Office of the Dade County Public Defender (one of the largest offices in the nation). She managed 175 attorneys and oversaw approximately 50,000 cases a year.

With all of her years on the bench, Sigler is surprised that same sex marriage is now legal in Florida. “When I got on the bench in 1995, I never would have thought we’d see this.”

Sigler believes the ruling is a good thing and disagrees with critics who call it judicial activism.

“My colleagues who wrote those opinions followed the lead of the U.S. Supreme Court,” she told SFGN.

Sigler recently performed her first same-sex marriage.

“I had refrained for a long time. I held the view that there should be no exclusions,” she said.

In her spare time, Sigler is an avid music lover who performs with the LAMBDA chorale. She is also learning to play the trombone. “You don’t get a lot of invitations to play at parties,” she joked.

Sigler also serves as a mentor for gay and lesbian law students at local schools, helping them develop resumes and job contacts. As a community activist, Sigler has raised food donations for the Miami CURE AIDS NOW network and is a pro bono attorney for people with AIDS through the Dade County Bar Association.

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