For Victor Diaz-Herman, he’s been an equal rights activist since birth.

“My mother’s favorite anecdote is that I marched for LGBTQ rights in Washington D.C. as an infant slung across her chest,” he said. And while he has seen great strides in his 32 years, he admits there is still work to be done.

“Winning marriage equality at the state level and fighting to end discrimination in the work force are among so many important issues.”

As the executive director of Pridelines Youth Services in Miami Shores, Diaz-Herman said many LGBTQ youth are dealing with neglect, abuse, homelessness and suicidal thoughts. In more than 31 years, Pridelines has been able to support, educate, and empower LGBTQ young people across South Florida.

Diaz-Herman, a Miami native, said it was when he served as a chaperone to an LGBTQ youth prom in 2005 hosted by Pridelines that motivated him to get involved in the organization.

“I’ll never forget the sense of love, acceptance, and safety that filled the room as young people danced, held hands or simply enjoyed an evening that reflected who they are without fear of prejudice or harassment,” Diaz-Herman said.

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