The shooter of the Orlando massacre reacted from seeing two men kissing in downtown Miami. To fight back against the bigotry, people turned to social media.

Hundreds of photos emerged from Twitter, Facebook and more, featuring same-sex partners locking lips. Being used as a direct response against the attack, people use the hashtags #TwoMenKissing and #TwoWomenKissing.

"The world needs more love today, not more hate #Orlando #TwoMenKissing," one Twitter user posted, including a photo of two leathermen making out.

The photos show more than just kissing in many cases -- they also show love.

"My husband & I at wedding reception, 2008. If you don't like this, you're like a terrorist. Congrats. #twomenkissing," wrote another user, posting a photo of himself and his male partner.

The message behind the social media campaign is clear -- same-sex kissing should not be an excuse for violence. It should be an expression of happiness.