Tony Plakas & Jamie Foreman - Palm Beach Power Couple

It was through activism and work at Compass that brought together Tony Plakas and Jamie Foreman, who have been together since November 1997 and married since 2011.

Plakas, the CEO, first started working there that year and Foreman had moved down to South Florida and was looking for volunteer work. Together, they’ve garnered their strengths to make the community center what it is today.

Originally, the center was almost solely focused on HIV/AIDS, but now has also branched out to what Plakas calls a “full-fledged community center” with events like PrideFest and the Stonewall Ball.

“Our kids still need a safe place to go to be themselves and hang out,” he said.

Foreman, an attorney, volunteers with the center as well as the Human Rights Council and also helped expand PrideFest from a 500-person gathering to a two-day extravaganza drawing 15,000 attendees, including local leaders, businesses and other parts of the Palm Beach community.

“It’s a testament to not only what we do but the amount of volunteers we have,” he said.

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