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A lot of people in South Florida know Theo Smith. And a lot know him by his moniker, “The Gay Mayor of West Palm Beach.” In his 43 years on the planet, Smith has wracked up some wide recognition as a doer — especially when it comes to helping gay institutions.

“I really like to see our diverse communities come together to benefit people in need regardless of orientation,” said Smith, noting that the largest project he’s worked on is the Breast Cancer Fundraiser.

“Breast cancer doesn’t know if you’re gay or straight,” he noted.

Although he’s enjoyed tremendous visibility in his years in the community, he had avoided sharing his life with his family until two years ago – on National Coming Out Day.

“I knew I was gay very early – like five - and it’s not easy being black and gay,” he said. “I was finally tired of living my life to protect other people’s feelings. And actually, it wasn’t so bad. My family is very loving.”

An architectural consultant by day, Smith shared that, “I don’t go around announcing to the straight worlds that I’m gay, but I don’t hesitate to let people know if they ask.”

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