At 65, Terry Stone does more traveling than most people in for profit organizations. As CEO of CenterLink, he has his work cut out for him supporting some 170 existing community centers and fostering new memberships to expand visibility, and provide support and resources as needed.

Terry was born and raised in Texas in a religious family. When he reached adulthood he married a woman and they had two daughters, both of whom are very close to Stone and his partner, Mike Bush. Bush and Stone have been together for 15 years.

During his stay in the closet, a student in the Sunday school class he taught asked if he was gay. “I decided right then and there that the façade was over, ” he explained. “So I said, ‘Yes.’”

“The following week I was called before the congregation and officially expelled from the church.”

With over 20 years in LGBT nonprofits, Stone became ED at CenterLink in 2006 and moved it to South Florida in 2008.

To anyone still closeted Stone says, “We’re doing ourselves and our community a favor by being visible and integrating into the fabric of society. ”

­– DC