“It was a struggle from week to week to get people to go on the record,” recalled Steve Rothaus during the early days of reporting on the LGBT community in South Florida.

Rothaus began writing his Gay South Florida Blog in 2006 and it is now the blog of authority for the Miami metropolitan area. He started with the Miami Herald in the mid 1980s and gradually worked his way up through the organization’s ranks. What began as a one day a week assignment to monitor the police radio in Miami Beach has blossomed into Rothaus’ full-time role as the LGBT issues reporter at the Herald.

“I don't know of any other mainstream newspapers with that as a full time beat,” Rothaus said. “I love what I’m doing. It’s giving voice to the public and learning along the way. It’s a great time to be covering the marriage story.”

Marriage is on many minds these days with the recent court challenge to Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage — a story that earned Rothaus a front-page byline.

He met his partner, Ric Katz, an influential political consultant, while working retail for the department store, Lord & Taylor. The couple of 29 years recently tied the knot in New York.

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