What’s one story this week you’d like to highlight? SFGN’s “Speak OUT” is a weekly feature giving a regular voice to South Florida LGBT leaders. Below are some of their answers:

Recently we had two big wins in the fight against using religion to discriminate against LGBT people: A federal judge ruled that despite religious objections, Rowan County, KY Clerk Kim Davis must issue marriage licenses to gay couples or risk setting a "dangerous precedent;" And, the Colorado Court of Appeals backing a lower court ruling that said a baker in suburban Denver had illegally discriminated against the two men when he cited his religious beliefs in refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. Winning Religious exemptions is the Right's new strategy for institutionalizing anti-gay discrimination into law, so these wins are important!
— Lee Rubin, Blogger and Community Organizer

A new study suggests that young people in Great Britain are increasingly likely to identify themselves as bisexual. If we eliminated the fear of losing status in both the gay and straight communities, the majority of people would self-identify as bisexual.
— Brian McNaught, noted columnist, author and LGBT activist

In the past three months, we’ve learned that Josh Duggar (shame on TLC for ever unleashing this awful brood on America) molested five underage girls (including two of his sisters) AND committed adultery through operating two accounts on the Ashley Madison website. His apology, (“I have been the biggest hypocrite ever”), doesn’t begin to make up for the damage he tried to inflict on LGBT people as the Executive Director for Family Research Council Action (good hire, FRH President Tony Perkins!). Yet no one will deny serving Josh pizza or will turn down the floral work for his next wedding (is there someone out there crazy enough to marry him?). That’s because the religious exemption isn’t really about faith. Because if it were, the religious right would refuse service to adulterers (for which there is an actual commandment!). The religious exemption fight is about social conservatives using religion to wage their war against anything to which they take offense.   Social progressives need to do a better job of calling the entire lot of them out on the double standards by which they live.
— David Jobin, executive director of The Stonewall National Museum & Archives

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