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“I want to help people do the right thing for their pets. The goal is to have the best quality of life for the pet and the client.”

A veterinarian who makes house calls?

Yes, it’s for real, and it is just one of the many companion services offered by Dr. Pierre Bland, whose offices are located at 3225 N Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, sharing facilities with Shank Animal Hospital.  

A 1985 graduate of the Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Bland has been a resident of South Florida since 2000. He originally came to the area as the County Veterinarian for Broward County Animal Care and Regulation.

His career includes tenures as an epidemiologist, clinical research veterinarian, and a university professor. “Even though I feel I made significant contributions and gained invaluable experiences in those positions, they all bring me back to being a private practitioner”, states Dr. Bland.

The veterinary practice he administers is designed for “common sense medicine.” Dr. Bland’s goal is to allow his clients to make informed decisions by being fully aware of their pet’s needs and options.

“I think the pet and client are best served by identifying the problem, solving the problem, and educating the client to prevent reoccurrence of the problem. “, says Dr. Bland.

He also realizes pets sometime develop some very complicated medical conditions. “Since pets are living longer, the incidences of chronic and acute life threatening diseases are being diagnosed and treated more frequently.”

Explaining these outcomes to his clients is an important feature of his practice. Says the doctor; “We are fortunate to live in an area where we have access to pretty much every veterinary medical specialty from ophthalmology to oncology and everything in between, so it is great to have those options if a pet and client should need them.”

Dr. Bland also offers several options in his practice that aid in increasing the quality of life for his patients while saving the clients’ money and offering the highest quality medical care and services.

The Free Vaccines For Life Program give clients the opportunity to make sure their pet received a yearly physical examination and vaccinations, an important part of a pet’s preventative healthcare plan.   By enrolling in the program, the pet’s yearly core vaccination is at no cost for the life of the pet. On one hand it reduces costs, while allowing for other preventative medical services and products to become more affordable.

To our knowledge, Dr. Bland is the only trained and certified veterinarian in South Florida providing Zeuterin, the non-surgical neutering procedure for male dogs. Zeuterin is FDA approved and sterilizes your pet with an injection, eliminating the surgical removal of the testicles, reducing anesthesia exposure, pain, and recovery time. My six month old lab may have a surprise visit real soon.

Live Video Consultations with Dr. Bland are available through the Vet24seven app. The app is available from the Apple App store and will soon be available for Android devices this fall.

Dr. Pierre Bland is accepting new patients into his practice. If you need a veterinarian, feel free to contact him for an appointment or just a conversation to answer a pet question or concern. He can be reached at 954 673-8579,, or

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