As most readers know SFGN is all about LGBT news, but this week we decided to feature some our community’s straight friends. Some of these allies have been with us for years, others more recent. But each of them represents us winning over the hearts and minds of the straight community.

On these pages are business leaders, spiritual leaders, politicians and more. Without them our journey to full acceptance and equality would be much harder and for that we thank them.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Howard Finkelstein

Hava Leipzig Holzhauer

Howard Simon


James K. Green

Janet Weissman

Jeri Muoio

Julia Murphy

Kathleen Cannon

Lois Wexler

Marty Kiar

Mitch Ceasar

Nan Rich


Patti Lynn


Ron Bilbao

Rosalyn Osgood

Roxanne Vargas

Ryanmarie Rice

Scott Newton

Shelley Goren

Stacy Hyde 

Susan Renneisen

Ted Deutch

Vivien Keller


Carole Benowitz