Welcome to SFGN’s sixth OUT50 list. When we decided six years ago to move forward with this idea we thought it would be difficult putting together enough names. It turned out the difficult part was narrowing it down to only 50 individuals.

Each year since I’ve worried that we were going to start running out of people. But after six years the hard part is still cutting our list down. There are just too many LGBT people in South Florida who are making a difference.

We’ve already recognized 250 local LGBT leaders, activists, business people, artists and others. 

Now we’re adding 50 more.

SFGN is proud to tell these stories and honor them in this year’s OUT50 list.

Stories of gay men like Scott Greenberg, who launched the Freedom Fund – an organization working to counter mass incarceration; lesbians like Teri Johnston, the newly elected mayor of Key West; a former drag performer like Misty Eyez, who is now the Director of Womens Program & Education and Case Manager for Transgender Services at SunServe; and a Carson Graham, a transgender activist who co-founded the Transinclusive Group. 

Those are just four people in this issue. Make sure to read through them all.

These folks aren’t important because they are LGBT, they’re important because of their accomplishments and the work they do. But because they are LGBT they serve as role models for our community — and for future generations. These individuals prove that we are no longer a sideshow, but nowadays, the main show.

I hope these people inspire you – as they have inspired me.

So welcome to the 2019 South Florida OUT50, a list of activists, business leaders, organizers, and others who are out and proud members of our local LGBT community.

Jason Parsley

Executive Editor/Associate Publisher


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KrisDPt CarsonGPtdrrussellPtdrdavidwagPT

Kris Drumm | Carson Graham | Dr. Russell Sassani | Dr. David Warner

yvonnerohpt sueMartPT toniBarPT loratuckerPT

Yvonne Rohrbacher | Sue Martino | Toni Barone | Lora Tucker

singerEpsteinPT gwrightPT SobourneyBPT jeanjohnsPT

Barbara Singer & Fran Epstein | G Wright Muir | Sobourney Barnes | Jean Johnson

juliancavPT VictorWarPT dougPePT daseyDPT

Julian Cavazos | Victor Warren | Doug Pew | Daisy Deadpetals

mistyEPT scottGreenPT toddtomPT pug LopesPT

Misty Eyez | Scott Greenberg | Todd Thompkins | Dr. Ana Puga & Requel Lopes

SFGN NicHarrisPTPTPT ginnyApPT mayrePT drCunningham Husband PT

Nik Harris | Virginia "Ginny" Apuzzo | May Reign | Howard Cunningham & Steve Vianest


terijohnPT tjthompPT markEbenPT

Teri Johnston | JT Thompson | Mark Ebenhoch

(Palm Beach)

laurenBaPT machelleSylePT clarencBrooPT kevinMuPT

Lauren Baer | Michelle Sylvester | Clarence Brooks | Kevin Muth

dylanBroPT MichFlowPT lorenzolowPT hayemoonPT

Dylan Brooks | Michael Fowler | Lorenzo Lowe | Haye Moon


David Thall 

(Miami Dade)

patriciaHernPT astoridPernPT rafaCarPT danieTillPT

Patricia Hernandez | Astrid Rodriguez | Rafa Carvajal | Daniel Tilley

damianParPT miillee MitowPT  LynareRobbins vert

Damian Pardo | James Miille & Alex Mitow | Lynare Robbins 


TheRealRonnieLar Pt shawnPalaciPT josephCoPT Traverso WaltonPT

Ronnie Larsen | Shawn Palacious | Joseph Cox | Mark Traverso & Conor Walton