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“I like problem solving,” said Ron Gunzburger, 51.

As General Counsel to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, Gunzburger certainly has the right job for solving problems.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office employs 5,700 people, making it one of the largest law enforcement operations in the country. Gunzburger leads the Office of General Counsel, responsible for advising the Sheriff in matters pertaining to risk management, confiscations and forfeitures and all legal matters. He also serves on the Sheriff’s powerful senior command staff.

“I’m a troubleshooter,” he said. “I listen a lot and come up with new approaches.”

Gunzburger married his partner Dana Buker in 2006 in Ontario, Canada. The two met while Gunzburger was attending Vermont Law School, and they have been together since 1987.

Before joining BSO, Gunzburger made headlines on the political scene, authoring, credited as one of the very first political blogs, and consulting on numerous campaigns. In recent years, however, his involvement has been as a volunteer, from Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential campaign to, more recently, supporting his old friend Republican Larry Hogan in the Maryland gubernatorial race.

“That surprised everyone ... Larry was the biggest upset win in the nation in 2014,” said Gunzburger, who now serves as Senior Advisor to Governor Hogan.

Bipartisanship is a central theme of Gunzburger’s political career, which also translates professionally with his past work in both the Attorney General’s RICO Division and the Public Defender’s Office.

When he’s not on the political trail, Gunzburger loves to travel, especially to France. He and his husband once had an apartment there when Dana attended school in Paris. “Someday, we’d even like to retire to the south of France,” he hopes.

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