Rod Hagwood has been working at the Sun Sentinel for as long as he’s been in South Florida — 25 years.

As Senior Columnist and Critic, Hagwood covers entertainment and fashion for the newspaper, and WSFL TV station.

While Hagwood reports on entertainment, he does notice how the LGBT community is reported.

“I do like the way the coverage of the LGBT and progressive communities at the Sun Sentinel is not the responsibility of one or a handful of reporters,” he said. “We are all expected to be as inclusive in our reporting as possible.”

While the strides the LGBT community have made are encouraging, Hagwood still sees downfalls.

“In many neighborhoods, many schools, [and] many families, it is still very dangerous to be out.”

Hagwood still hopes for more recognition within the community. “I think that we will continue to break stereotypes and redefine what our lives can be,” he said.

– DZ