Robin Schwartz is one of the South Florida women who founded the Aqua Foundation for Women in 2004. Three years ago she became executive director and leads the mission of the foundation, which is “…to serve as the funding catalyst for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender wellness and equality in South Florida through grants, scholarships and initiatives.”

You can’t do that from the closet and as a member of the South Florida Out 50, Schwartz is way out of the closet.

During her career, Schwartz has held a number of highly visible positions in various organizations including work with SAVE Dade, Miami Beach Gay Pride, and the City of Miami Beach LGBT Business Enhancement Committee. She has also been a volunteer for the Task Force, and Pridelines,

“I started coming out in college,” said the Miami native. “I’ve been pretty much out since then.”

“Being out is the most important thing we can do,” she continued. “It sets you free and it allows allies and non-allies to get to know us better. Of course, some people have unfortunate situations that keep them closeted but whoever can come out, should do it.”

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