Richard Alalouf is uniquely out in one particular way. He’s a co-parent with his husband, Tom Mulroy, of a 3-and-a-half-year-old boy. “That gets you visibility,” Alalouf said. “There are the doctors, the day care people, the grocery store staff who see you buying diapers,and soon the schools, and you just have to let them know who you are and what your child’s family looks like.”

Alalouf is a flight attendant with Jet Blue and the volunteer executive director for South Florida Family Pride, a loosely knit organization of more than 200 families that provides massive play dates for children and their gay parents.

“We’re normalizing our children’s experiences of having gay parents,” Alalouf said. “They get to socialize with other kids like themselves so it reinforces that they’re OK and their families are OK.”

Alalouf is from Montreal, Canada; his husband hails from Chicago. They live here for the weather. Mulroy is the general manger of a local resort hotel. They’ve been together for eight years and were married in Provincetown five years ago.

“Maybe we won’t need an Out50 when our kids’ kids are growing up,” he said. “That’s a worthy goal to aim for.”

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