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Ryn Weaver

In the early summer of 2014, Ryn Weaver uploaded her first song to the music-streaming website, SoundCloud. The song was a collaboration between Weaver, Benny Blanco, Michael Angelakos(Of Passion Pit), and Charli XCX.

“OctaHate” quickly gained the attention of big name music blogs and independent music aficionados alike. Receiving share after share and listen after listen, the song blew up and was often the pick for a summer song.

When stripped down to only the lyrics – “OctaHate” tells the story of a relationship gone awry. With lyrics like: “Deep in the haze Of your love high/I used to soar on The live wire” to “From the day I saw My heart start breaking/No one saved me,” it tells the story of love found and love lost. It some how manages to tell it in a very creative, semi-elusive way, all while staying true to the pop format, with the catchy bridge and repetitive chorus helping its adherence to the form.

Where the production portion of the song comes in to play is also where the “Summer Jam” title stems from. Heavy on the synth, combined with the perfect amount of percussion, and the addition of loops and multiple layers, the song becomes light and whimsical. Thus leading you to imply its “Feel-Good” status. If I had to describe it, I’d say that it’s like the Funhouse Mirror Room of music - It’s masked with the idea of fun and adventure, but can easily bring out your biggest fears in an instant. It deals with very valid emotions and plays on some peoples’ biggest fear: losing love.

Along with “OctaHate,” Ryn has released an EP called Promises which consists of four songs that are as equally satisfying as “OctaHate,” and follow along the lines of lyrics that stem from genuine human emotions paired with an exciting pop-esque beat. My personal favorite is “Stay Low.” Her vibrato is the shining star of the song, and her lyric pattern - along with the arrangement of the song - is rather satisfying.

Ryn Weaver’s debut LP is set to come out on June 16th, and with a #1 on a Billboard chart, numerous festival shows, and two music videos under her belt, you definitely don’t want to sleep on this one!

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