Where did Phil Quattrone and Judd Chapman meet?

Why, Pineapple Point, of course.

The owners of what is largely considered Fort Lauderdale’s best all male guesthouse, met on the property 27 years ago and turned their attraction for each other into a successful and thriving business.

“We are very, very proud of Pineapple Point,” Chapman said. “We have a high end place with high end service and clientele, where people can come and be themselves.”

Before starting Pineapple Point, Chapman worked marketing for BellSouth and Quattrone trained flight attendants at U.S. Airways.

“Opposites attract,” Quattrone said. “How else do you describe a good ol’ boy from Kentucky and a New York Italian getting together?”

In their travels, Quattrone and Chapman, who were married last September in a ceremony in Palm Beach, saw a need for gay men who enjoy the finer things in life.

“So many of the gay guesthouses we visited were dumps,” recalled Quattrone of his early exploration into the marketplace. “It doesn’t have to be like this, we thought.”

And Pineapple Point, with its lush tropical setting and luxurious amenities, is certainly not your run of the mill guesthouse. TripAdvisor.com rates Pineapple Point No. 1 out of 570 Fort Lauderdale hotels.