She wasn’t a little girl with a dream to go in to realty, but it’s a safe bet to say buyers and sellers alike should be glad she did!

Burnside has 25 years of experience as a realtor in South Florida, and while she specializes in commercial real estate properties, you should listen up because her job is actually more important to most of our social lives than many of us realize.  

One of our other real estate honorees called her, “unequivocally, the queen of bars and liquor licenses.” Burnside herself even freely admits, “I LOVE [emphasizes] what I do. I like bars, I like club people.”

Unlike some of our other honorees, Burnside distinguishes herself from the rest of the pack as freely admitting that she didn’t choose real estate, real estate chose her (at least in the beginning).

She credits much of her getting started in realty to her boss at the time — she was a paralegal — and worked for Henry Amoon who was a general practice attorney but did a lot of work around liquor licenses.

Obviously noting Burnside’s propensity for success, he, “suggested I’d never want to work for anyone else,” she says. And that’s when she decided to get her real estate license.

Twenty years later, Amoon retired, but at that point, Burnside was already a commercial real estate force with five years experience to be reckoned with.

Drinkers, calm down, though… she does take a residential listing as long as it’s worth it. So be careful to box her in — while she does deal with commercial properties, bars, liquor stores and nightclubs (in addition to brokering liquor licenses), there’s nothing Burnside’s confidence exudes that says she won’t see every deal through from beginning to end with perfection.

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