Yvonne Rohrbacher is a 60-year-old wunderkind who moved to Florida from Stow, Ohio in her mid-20s and almost immediately set about working to support the LGBT movement in its fight for recognition and equality.

From founding vice president of the Pride Center in the early ‘90s to her current position on the board of the Stonewall National Museum and Library, she has made history and preserved the LGBT community’s strides in many different ways. 

“I’ve always engaged in sharing information and showing people how to use it,” she said. “Even today I manage a training department for a chain of medical centers that includes information on how to support LGBT patients.”

Rohrbacher chuckles when sharing her coming out story. Her parents were divorced and her father had his new wife send her a letter telling her that he was fine with it. Her mother took it badly but came around as years went by.

Her words of wisdom for the next generation: “Don’t be less than you are. Respect yourself and others. We’ve come a long way but there’s lots yet to be done and you can help.”

— Donald Cavanaugh


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