Patricia Hernandez represents the legal minds of Miami-Dade. She is a founding partner of Rotella & Hernandez, an immigration and family law firm. Her specialty is helping immigrants and the complex battles they face, but her specialty is focusing on how these issues affect the LGBT community.

Hernandez has spoken extensively on immigration as it relates to same-sex marriage, and on how transgender identity influences an individual’s immigration experience. In 2018, the Dade County Bar Association recognized Hernandez’ work with the LGBT community by presenting her with the Visionary Award. 

Exemplifying leadership, she is also a board member and the chair of the LGBTQ committee of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, South Florida chapter. Patricia is also on the board of the Aqua Foundation for Women. 

On the gratifying nature of her work, she said “by far the most gratifying aspect of my work is when I am able to obtain legal status for a client who has lived in the U.S. for many years undocumented, because their life and that of their family will forever be changed by no longer having to live in fear of being deported.”

– David Douriez 



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