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Steven Caras agrees that he has had a charmed life. When he was 18, George Balanchine invited him to join the New York City Ballet Company launching 14 years as a dancer and through Balanchine’s recognition of his skills in photography, forty years as a photographer and image artist with global recognition.

“I’ve never worked in an anti-gay atmosphere,” Caras said when questioned. “It wouldn’t work in the arts.”

“I also disagree with identifying myself as a gay man,” he added. “Rather, I prefer to be known as a man who happens to be gay.”

He came out to his parents when he was 18 although he knew from birth. His mother “lost it” with wailing and self-blame – the usual. His father took it all in stride and told his son that he knew he was gay.

“I was raised in a Catholic home and now have no interest in formalized religion,” Caras said. “But I do pray for 45 minutes every day.”

In the early ‘90s, Caras joined the Miami City Ballet to help with development. He has done development, fundraisings and other similar functions for organizations as diverse as Rosie O’Donnell’s Rosie’s Theater Kids, Dramaworks, the Kravis and others.


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