Sarah Malega (Nee Parr) has been out since age 18 when she shared her life with her grandparents, the people she called family.

“I wanted them to know who I am and they were great,” Malega said. “They just wanted me to be happy and know I was always welcome in their home.”

Malega has had a number of careers including the creation of two businesses: The Zoo Health Club in downtown Lake Worth and Her wife, Dawn, operates the club while Malega handles the auto shopping business.

The couple was married in December 2013 at Lake Tahoe, CA. When they returned to Florida, they were denied the right to use their California marriage license to change Sarah’s name.

“It diminishes you,” Malega said. “I’m so glad those days are gone.”

She recently jumped in the politics arena when she ran for Lake Worth City Commission District 1, but lost with 45 percent of the vote.

The Malegas attend The Church by the Glades and in response to a question Sarah says that the only place where they’re wont to go back into the closet is when traveling in countries and counties where LGBT people are unwelcome.


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