Michael Grattendick admits it’s a scary time for the LGBT community in the current political climate.

“We have seen so many advances in recent years, and now we are facing the real threat of having our marriages declared null, our foreign-born partners and friends forced to leave, and our healthcare taken away,” he said. “Now more than ever we have to remain a strong community.”

Aside from being the Chief Financial Officer of Aurora Diagnostics, Grattendick is also the chair of the Compass Community Board. He’s been on the board for 10 years and despite big strides that have been made, he still advocates for more and better support in the community. With the recent political changes, we’re going to hear many more voices, and loudly.

“While it is a scary time, it is also an exciting time,” he said. “We are no longer a fringe group, we are an important, vital part of the fabric of every town and city in our area, and we won’t see us retreating into the shadows. You’ve seen how communities and groups across the United States are standing up to bigotry and hate. You will see that in our local community as well.”


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