Lee Edmondson was born and raised in Erie, PA. Like many of his generation, he knew he was gay at an early age. He started dating around age 16. He came out to his family when his mother asked him if he was gay.

“It was pretty easy,” he said.

It was interesting that his father ended up owning the only local gay bar.

Edmondson entered a relationship that lasted 23 years. They joined the flocks of snowbirds on their annual trips to light and warmth. After four years of migrations, they moved here permanently and wound down their relationship to just be friends.

Edmondson met his current partner, JP Hawksley, about 2 years ago. Hawksley has a son who is on the Autism scale. Hawksley has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer so Edmondson has been granted a guardianship to protect the youth’s interests.

Edmondson owns a salon in Palm Beach Gardens called “Sheers. Where Everybody Knows Your Name.”

Lots of people know his name for his philanthropy, supporting organizations as diverse as Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, Toys for Tots and MCC Palm Beach to name a few.


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