Janis Kidder is a retired rocket scientist. She is also an out lesbian. Pretty impressive for a 1969 graduate of Belle Glade High School and Auburn University in Alabama.

“Coming out to family was OK,” Kidder said. “My parents were divorced and dealing with their own issues. There were the usual concerns about grandchildren, etc. but mostly it was OK.”

“I spent 26 years on the team at a Lockheed Martin facility in New Orleans where we designed and built the fuel tanks for the space shuttle,” she said.

“Later I came back to South Florida and spent 8 years at the undersea systems in Riviera Beach.”

In response to a question about coming out at Lockheed, Kidder indicated that it was no big deal. In fact, she was instrumental in obtaining LGBT domestic partner benefits from the company.

Kidder met Toni Armstrong Jr. in 2001. They were married in Canada in 2005. She assists Armstrong managing the BLAST (Bi, Lesbian and Straight Together) Meet Up group.

She is also working with the We Want The Land Coalition to buy 650 acres of pristine forestland in Michigan "for women, for girls, forever."


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