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LGBT elderly people face huge setbacks when retirement age hits. By the time many older LGBT adults figure out their finances and long-term care, it’s usually too late. But Jana Panarites’ is fixing that with her Agewyz Podcast.

“LGBT aging is rarely discussed in the media, yet when it comes to growing older, our community faces unique challenges because many laws and public policies favor biological and ‘traditional’ families,” Panarites said. “The Agewyz Podcast is providing the community with much-needed information about innovative programs designed to meet the needs of LGBT older adults and their caregivers.”

Panarites’ podcast also gives a platform to LGBT elderly who are handling their aging well and can offer advice to others on how to do the same.

Even though a lot of progress has been made, Panarites thinks more can be done to help the aging LGBT community.

“Many older LGBT adults don’t trust the medical system, and the idea of moving into a long-term care facility means going right back into the closet,” she said. “More education and outreach are needed in these healthcare industries. Thanks to the new administration, I see the LGBT community growing stronger and more unified than ever.”


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