Elayna Toby Singer used a love of nature to fuel both her professional and artistic careers.

Her artwork started with jewelry that incorporated seeds and branches she found in nature. Singer said that her larger artwork, which includes long chains of those hanging elements, allows the wind to interact with it to change how people experience it.

“I’m looking for people to have an interactive experience with either the object or a piece for your home or garden,” Singer said. “My real love is that you can have an individual connection with a piece in your home or garden, but the community creating I do, I really love that.”

She currently works as the first-ever administrator for Palm Beach County's “Art in Public Places” initiative, which involves placing artwork in locations throughout the community. Singer has done work planning and composing public gardens in Philadelphia, Chicago and Naples and also working with the Urban Land Institute’s Creative Placemaking National Working Group and the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals board.

She believes that nature ties into celebrating both cultural and biological diversity. She said without that diversity, both cultures and organisms will struggle.

“Without sounding cliche, ‘celebrate diversity’ is one of my life mantras.” she said. “I come to that from a love of otherness, and appreciation of otherness and also it ties in with my environmental background.”

Singer’s connection with nature also extends outside her artistic works. She loves to garden and spend time outside as well as volunteer with the Rainbow Connection, a group who works with multiple age groups to create artwork.


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