Adrienne Percival was born in Maryland and grew up in central Virginia. She attended Oglethorpe University in Atlanta whence she subsequently migrated to South Florida and Lake Worth, joining Compass Community Center. She is currently taking a program on Women’s Studies at FAU.

During school years in central Virginia, sexual orientation was rarely discussed so she had little experience or information. “I went to the library to see what I could learn - not a lot,” she said.

When she got to college she met a particular professor who “blew me away.”

“I ran back to the library,” she chuckled.

As a self-employed person before joining Compass, discrimination was hardly on her radar.

“Then I joined Compass and took a very visible job and I’m proud to work under the rainbow,” she said.

Adrienne and Jennifer Percival had a wedding in 2013 so Jennifer’s grandmother could attend. They made the marriage legal as soon as possible after the law was changed.

One of Percival’s major functions is managing the Pride Business Alliance which has grown significantly in her care.

“You just couldn’t do this job if you were in the closet,” she said.


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