Michelle Sylvester decided to run for office after 20 years of leadership under the same party.  

They have removed funds that were marked for Everglades restoration,” Sylvester said. She ran because she said theres no plan,” for the future of climate change and the environment. 

Now, Sylvester holds the seat for the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation, Group 1. 

I will be relentless in vocalizing the science that demands we do better, and I will be constant in my drive to push to ensure clean, safe, and secure water supplies for all South Florida residents and visitors alike,” she said. 

Sylvester said that being in the LGBT community serves as a great honor,” to her. Sylvester has said she is out and proud.” (Sylvester noted shes not speaking in her role as aPalm Beach Soil and Water Conservation board member.

I have been out since my days of leading the Pride march in Miami when Anita Bryant was raging her campaign against us.

Bryant founded the Save Our Children” foundation, which was an opposition movement to the gay rights movement, according to PBS. 

Sylvester’s advice to others who are concerned about the world we live in? Take action. I think more of us need to take action and get involved in the world at-large.” 


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