Michael D. Fowler is the executive sponsor for the LGBT employees’ group at NextEra Energy Resources where he is vice president of information management for Florida Power & Light, an important and very visible position.

Fowler was born and raised in rural Michigan.  “It was a truly rural place with rural values,” he said.  “Just hours after graduation from high school I was on a plane to Baltimore to study information technology at Johns Hopkins University.”

Fowler was 20 when he was outed by a gay family member who left the phone message “the bomb has dropped.” In retrospect Fowler felt that it worked to his benefit because the family had time to absorb the news while he was away. His parents turned out to be very supportive which gave him the kind of self confidence needed to succeed in the business world.

Although not married, Fowler and his partner, eye surgeon David Mittleman, have been together for six years. They are both committed to supporting youth and education and engage with a number of programs that support their cause.

– Donald Cavanaugh


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