Although Parker Phillips began as a teacher, they really found their calling as a femme professional dominatrix under the name Lady P.

“Bondage is a human urge,” they said, explaining how it connects people through shared experiences and desires.

Phillips began doing professional sessions four years ago. In 2014, they partnered up with their mentor and others to form “Studio P,” a dungeon in North Miami Beach.

During their time in school, Phillips began their transition from female to male but soon found their comfort mid-transition and gained a solidified role of femdom, which they describe as “empowering,” identifying themself as an assigned-gender female non-binary fem.

Phillips continues their role in the BDSM community through the organizing of Miami Munch, a place for kinky and curious people to come together under a vanilla setting and discuss events, dungeons and the community.

Phillips hopes that globally, there is a change in the cultural attitude toward BDSM. Locally, they hope that the BDSM community can provide a safe space, open more dungeons and educate.

For those out there who need support, Phillips offers this advice: “Relentlessly listen to one’s self.”

As for themself, Phillips’s mantra is “Don’t give up. Keep going.”


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