Maria Dominguez has only left Miami to go to college, and that was to go to Florida State University in Tallahassee. Because of her longtime personal and professional history in South Florida, she’s been able to witness the changes in the LGBT community.

“Though there is an incredible amount of support, on both a local and national level, we are light-years away from having enough,” she said. “I have seen this community accomplish incredible strides throughout my life, but we cannot become complacent.”

Dominguez is the president of Operations & Production Specialists (OPS) in Miami. OPS is a full scale, event production and logistics agency, specializing in merging practical applications and logistics innovation. She’s been involved with Sunny Isles Jazz Festivals, various Art Basel Art Fairs, various City Sporting events, Miami Beach Veterans’ Day Parades, and the New York City and South Beach Wine & Food Festivals.

Her efforts allow her to network with a range of different people that have proven those in the LGBT community are just like everyone else.

“Acceptance rather than understanding should be the focused effort of our support,” she said. “Accepting there are people, who because of their differences, because of their diversity and complexity, deserve a life like any other individual or group allows for a much more inclusive, kind and embracing experience.”

In the future, Dominguez sees even more growth.

“Now more than ever the community will show up and then more than ever will these movements see direct consequences and progress,” she said.


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