When Tracy Young began her career in the DJ and production industry 25 years ago, she said she didn’t give much thought to how male-dominated the field was.

“I just had this passion inside me to play music and that had to be released,” Young told Billboard’s Patrick Crowley in August 2017.

A quarter of a century later, Young has remixed more than 100 musical artists and has racked up nearly 50 No. 1 Billboard club hits. She has more than seven musical compilations on her record label, FEROSH. Throughout her career, Young says she has always strived to empower the LGBT community through her music, events and associations with Pride organizations.

“From my empowering anthems and remixes for over 100 artists, my goal is to send a positive message of peace, love and music for everyone,” Young said.

As an on-air host for iHeart Radio, 93.9 MIA, Young engages in community outreach for the LGBT community within the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. She has supported domestic and international Pride organizations GLAAD and the Diversity Honors and contributes to many causes, including the Trevor Project, Care Resource and The Pride Center in Fort Lauderdale.

This April during Miami Beach Gay Pride, Young will be joining forces with the It Gets Better Project for an evening of music at The Standard Hotel.

“All organizations that empower change for the LGBTQ-plus community are important to me,” Young said. “I love giving back to the community that has given me so much. Even though we all get busy in our lives, I try to make giving back a top priority.”

Young says she is also a “huge animal lover” who works with animal charities as often as possible.

“I believe that animals give us so much and are often overlooked,” Young said.

For more information about Tracy Young and upcoming events, visit TracyYoung.com.


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