Herb Sosa serves as Founder, President and CEO of Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida. The organization lives up to its name by producing workshops to empower the community.

It also brings local, state and federal law enforcement together with our community to reduce crime.

UC|CA offers tools and programming, like its 4th annual ELEVATE- a day of being Nicer; LGBT Scholarships for the Arts, Design, Education & Cosmetology; 4th annual TRANSART series – showcasing Transgender art & artists; the 8th annual Celebrate ORGULLO Hispanic Pride festival, and various other workshops, services & empowerment for the community.    

“What inspires me to lead the work we do Unity Coalition|Coalición Unida, is the injustice, hate and inequality that we all wake up to each day – some much more than others – and my never-ending passion to influence positive change,” Sosa said. “In certain circles and settings, I am considered privileged because of situations and conditions I had little or no control over - my skin tone, birth gender, nationality, economics …and I do know I am... The ability to use this privilege and position for good, for positive change, for equality and to strive to give everyone a seat at the table – That is what inspires me each day."


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