Even within the LGBT community, we tend to take things for granted. Local YouTube star Annie Segarra hopes to not only show us what we’re taking for granted, but also how we can help those who are less fortunate.

“The LGBT community — which has inclusion in its core values — forgets about our disabled siblings within the community when we actively exclude them from our spaces,” Segarra said. “I'd like to see a lot more diverse and intersectional LGBT identities represented in media.”

She believes that despite some victories for equality, we should be doing more to help others.

“I think the LGBT spaces that we have now and in the future, need to prioritize accessibility and begin to think of how we integrate LGBT disabled people into these spaces,” she said.

In a few years, she hopes to publish a book and still create video content, and thinks the LGBT community could be better, too.

“As a disabled member of the community, it can be so easy to feel invisible — gay bars are often not accessible to me, LGBT online content is often not accessible to my LGBT disabled friends — I want to see this all change” she said.


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