Out50: May Reign

May Reign

May Reign is a poet, activist, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, author and entrepreneur. She fulfills all of those roles with passion and enthusiasm. 

“Poetry is what I’m most engaged in,” she said.  

One of her main projects is Ink Therapy — a monthly, open mic night she hosts in Pembroke Pines, every third Wednesday each month. “It’s an LGBT safe space for spoken word,” she said. “I’m proud of the work we do.”

Reign brings workshops to South Florida high schools to discuss self-esteem and other issues confronting young women. 

“We talk about cultural differences, peer pressure, self-love, and what it takes to overcome your inner critics. I’m really enthusiastic about teaching young girls self-love.”

She also does workshops about activism through art and poetry. In addition, she has three books in circulation including a guided journal titled, “The Journey Begins With You.” Reign is working on a new book about women and relationships.

Reign created her candle company Moonflower in 2011 when she was a single mom who was struggling financially. 

“It’s become a beautiful way for me to express my art in another way,” she said. “It’s now well known throughout the United States.”

You can learn more about May Reign at MayReign.com.

— Denise Royal 


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