During the height of the South Florida arts season, Mark Traverso and Conor Walton are like two ships passing in the night: Conor, an award-winning actor, singer and dancer is heading to a rehearsal or performance anywhere between Jupiter and Coral Gables. Mark, a very successful marketing executive by day, is likely chairing a board meeting of Slow Burn Theatre Co. or making a curtain speech at one of their performances at the Broward Center.

“I enjoy working and I’m lucky in this community to work almost all the time,” said Walton, an Actors Equity member who also cherishes the quiet times with his husband. “We often don’t see a lot of each other. By the time I get home at night, he may be asleep.”

We enjoy taking short trips together to recharge,” Traverso explained. We like to go to the Bahamas and we love to go to Alaska during the summers.

Traverso enjoyed theater, but he had no idea the role it would occupy in his life when he and Walton met more than a decade ago. He enjoys lending his business acumen to Slow Burn and has shepherded the growth of the company from a small, “almost community” theater performing in a Boca high school auditorium to an Equity house that produces criticallyacclaimed, big budget shows at the Broward and Aventura Centers.

We have our routine, but at the end of the day, we always end up back at home in Boca,” said Walton.

— JW Arnold  


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