Out50: Lorenzo Lowe

Lorenzo Lowe

When it comes to educating people about HIV, Lorenzo Lowe is a rock star. As HIV prevention & education director, Lowe manages 35 condom distribution sites, 15 different outreach locations including college campuses, testing and education venues. “This is a community in need of a lot of services,” Lowe told.

His favorite part of the job is dealing with people. 

“I have been at Compass for eight years,” he said. “I’ve had amazing encounters with community members. Unfortunately, I have to tell people when they are HIV positive, but I am also there to support them and show them a way to tomorrow — while holding their hands the whole way. That’s the actual work. It’s seeing clients who I told them of their status when I first started, and seeing them live well now. That part of the job keeps me humble and gives me gratitude.”

The Palm Beach County native acknowledges that helping others as they learn to live with HIV can be exhaustive. Lowe, a self-proclaimed “man-baby” likes to unwind by playing video games, writing poetry, socializing with friends and family, and listening to music. Pink is his No. 1, go-to performer.

— Denise Royal  


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