Kris Drumm, licensed clinical social worker and certified advanced hypnotherapist, came to Florida 14 years ago with her wife, Grace Telesco. The couple have been together 21 years and legally recognized for five.  

“To be honest,” said Kris, “we came down here because of the weather. And we’re glad to be here.” 

Kris is the founder, spiritual leader, and “beacon” of the Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution, as well as the director of A Healing Space. She is also an ordained interfaith minister.

At 64, she has been an activist and an out lesbian for over 40 years. She speaks proudly about being a feminist lesbian and about being attacked at a rally where threatened straight white men were screaming, “Commies! Pinkos! Dykes!”

When she was 22, she had her first relationship with a woman. “And that was it,” she said. “I knew this was right for me. I had come home.” Her family was horrified and embarrassed and didn’t know how to respond. But she persisted in letting people know.

Drumm advises younger generations of LGBT people to “Do everything with your heart and go with love.”

— Donald Cavanaugh 


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