A mainstay on the Palm Beach political scene, Kevin Muth has witnessed history he never thought possible.

“I never thought in my lifetime I’d see same-sex marriage in the United States,” said Muth, in a slow Southern drawl that pulls out his Kentucky roots. 

Muth arrived in South Florida in 1993 and got involved in politics a few years later at the encouragement of Michael Albetta, then president of the Dolphin Democrats. Muth and Albetta were delegates to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte during the re-election of President Barack Obama.

“Kevin Muth is a dynamic people’s person,” Albetta said. “Knowledgeable, witty, and has his feet on the ground but reaches for the stars. He asks questions and moves with talent. If you have Kevin Muth on YOUR team, guaranteed you will succeed.”

Long before his Palm Beach life, Muth fondly recalls going to Democratic club meetings with his parents.

“I was exposed to community activism as a young child,” Muth said, telling a story of how — as a toddler — his mother would bring him into the voting booth as she cast her vote.

Presently, Muth serves as President of the Rusty Gordon LGBTA Democratic Caucus of Palm Beach. The caucus is named in honor of the late feminist lesbian Rusty Gordon. Engaging voters and continuing the fight for civil rights remains the major focus of Muth’s activism.

“It’s great that we can get married, but there are still places in America where we could get married on the weekend and come in to work on Monday and be subject to dismissal,” Muth said.

In tandem with his political work, Muth has a direct marketing consultant service and is a realtor. Muth, 60, lives in Delray Beach with his life partner Joseph Vergoglino. He enjoys baking, cycling, gardening and raising orchids. 

– John McDonald 


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