Out50: Howard Cunningham & Steve Vianest

Howard Cunningham & Steve Vianest

Howard Cunningham and Steve Vianest are an ideal couple. They are celebrating 30 years together — five of them married. They are parents to 13-year-old Brad. Being dads has changed their lives completely.

“We are a family now. We don’t go out on Friday and Saturday nights now,” Cunningham said. “We eat dinner at the same time around the dining room table. We do homework every night.” 

The couple is known for their stability.  

“Among our son’s group of friends, we are the only married couple,” Vianestsaid.  “Other straight parents are divorced and in new relationships.” 

“We are actually the most stable household among his friends; which is kind of odd when you consider what we’d be accused of by a good portion of our country,” Cunningham added.

Vianest is now retired after 40 years in the shoe industry. Cunningham is the founder of Oakland Park Dental — a warm, welcoming office to gay and straight patients.

 “I didn’t set out to make this a gay-centric practice,” he said. “It just sort of happened over time.  I was one of the few openly gay dentists in town who welcomed people who were gay and treated them with respect. No one has to hide who they are here.”

— Denise Royal 


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